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Live Escape Game

Escape Game (air-conditioned) in Nice, playable with familiy (From 8-9 years if accompanied by adults) between colleagues or friends!
12 rue de la Liberté - 06000 Nice

Open 7 days a week, on Sundays and holidays.
To book the same day and find a niche, it is preferable to call or text us to +33 6 61 78 82 14

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Escape Room : The Concept

An Escape Room is a life-size game that is played as a team.

The principle is simple: you are locked in a room where you have to leave in less than 60 minutes.

Inside you will have to solve riddles, search for objects, observe the scenery and espcially communicate with each other because only the addition of all your brains will allow you to overcome an Escape Room...

We do not all see the same things and reflect the same way. What will seems totally twisted for the one will appears perfectly logical for another!

It is time to cooperate!


It is the essence of an escape room! Your logical reasoning will be test to find all the solutions in the allotted time!


You are in front of the door, adventure is about to start, what challenges await you? And this countdown...

Team Spirit

It is time to stick together, to get along and organize not to miss any idea!


Reservations are made online by Credit Card
or phone (+33 6 61 78 82 14) by settling in cash.

2/3 players


4 players


5 players


6 players



Whether you book for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 players, the slot is reserved exclusively for you.

Reservations are made 12 hours in advance.
To book after this deadline (the same day), contact us at +33 6 61 78 82 14.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can you play ?

10-year-olds can play on condition that they are in a minority on the team.

Who can play ?

The escape room concept caters to all audiences: family, friends, co-workers to reinforce team building, class buddies, etc...

How long will the game last ?

The game itself lasts 60 minutes maximum, but it takes about 1h30 on the spot. The reception (15mn) the part (60mn) and the de-briefing (15mn).

How much can play ?

Our rooms can accommodate a group of 2 to 6 players at the same time.

Are we safe in an escape room ?

YES ! A video surveillance system allows us to ensure your safety throughout the game. You can exit the game at any time in a few seconds.

Modification / Cancellation / Delay

You can change your reservation up to 5 days in advance: you just have to reach us by telephone and we will be able to move your reservation. Missing players or groups that do not show up will not be refunded. As the sessions begin continuously during the day, any delay will affect the following parts: it is therefore not possible to exceed your time slot.

Are they physical tests in the game ?

Absolutely no.

Can we have a drink before the game ?

Better to predict that for after... Alcohol decreases your faculties and you will need at 100% during the game ! For obvious reasons of security, access will be prohibited to any person under the influence of alcohol. In this case no refun will be made.